Fluid Sound is an AV company headquartered in San Diego that designs, installs, integrates and services top of the line audio visual systems that stun your customers, colleagues, partners and managers. From control center to conference room to casino to hotel lobby, Fluid Sound’s audio video specialists have extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of current audio video technologies and solutions for your business needs.


With industry-leading documentation & project management, our audio visual technicians understand your needs to ensure we deliver and maintain a seamless AV installations. Fluid Sound has become Southern California’s go to AV automation specialists for many large and small organizations for one simple reason: We make AV as simple as it should be.


Fluid Sound is a licensed audio visual dealer specializing in the design build process that has crafted and installed AV solutions in a wide array of locations. Explore our site below to see our quality audio visual services ranging from corporate headquarters to innovative entertainment hubs to sophisticated command centers.






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Fluid Sound has worked with project managers, developers, architects, and CTOs in a wide range of industries. While customers always have unique needs and considerations, we always provide top tier quality and service.


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Fluid Sound provides end-to-end audio visual services. From design through installation and ongoing maintenance, our team specializes in the full spectrum of AV systems to truly WOW your customers and colleagues.


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The location of an audio video installation often determines what’s needed and what’s possible, so Fluid Sound’s experience in many different types of locations ensures we can provide exactly what you need, exactly where you need it.

Red Cross hired Fluid Sound to build our large-scale disaster operation center. This system has 39 multifunctional workstations. We highly recommend (and have to our sister chapters that are considering a system of this magnitude) Fluid Sound for their expertise and capabilities in this area.
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FEATURED PROJECT UCSD Center for the Future of Surgery San Diego, California Health Care Education Interactive Video Wall MultiTaction Touch Capable Interactive Wall Of Knowledge When UCSD – School of Medicine decided

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FEATURED PROJECT Jamboree Housing Irvine, California Microsoft Teams Rooms Installation Corporate Conference Room Video Conferencing For Remote Workers When it came time for Jamboree Housing to remodel their conference rooms, they



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NewTek Case Study on Recent Orange County Installation Highlights the Benefits of In-House Video Production In our line

Help Protect Your Office and Your Employees with GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Devices闲逸游戏怎么进不去了地址首页

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Workplace Safety: Help Protect Your Office and Your Employees with Infrared Body Thermometer and Facial Recognition Devices

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Conference Room AV for San Diego Organizations Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom闲逸游戏怎么进不去了软件网址

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Conference Room AV for San Diego Organizations Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom Since the coronavirus came into our


The team was completely amazed at how quickly they were able to launch the rescues and attributed the expediency to the AV system Fluid Sound just installed. PURE AWESOME.
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